The members of our research group are actively participating in teaching within the computer science at the University of Luebeck. The following list gives some overview.


  • Grundlagen der Multimediatechnik (Foundations of Multimedia Technology)
    Schrader/Carlson/Ruge/Busshaus, Bachelor Computer Science, SS 2010, SS 2011, SS 2012, SS 2013, SS 2014
  • Kommunikationssysteme für Multimediale Anwendungen (Communication Systems for Multimedia Applications)
    Schrader/Carlson/Altakrouri, Master Computer Science, SS 2010, SS 2011, SS 2012, SS 2013, SS 2014
  • Mobile Multimediasysteme (Mobile Multimedia Systems)
    Schrader/Altakrouri/Carlson/Ruge, Master Computer Science, WS 2011, WS 2012, WS 2013
  • Verteilte Systeme (Distributed Systems)
    Schrader (with Prof. Fischer), Master Computer Science, WS 2010
  • Betriebssysteme (Operating Systems)
    Schrader, Bachelor Computer Science, WS 2011, WS 2012, WS 2013
  • Ubiquitous Computing
    Schrader/Carlson/Altakrouri (with Prof. Römer), Master Computer Science, WS 2010


  • Altersgerechte Assistenzsysteme (AAL)
    Schrader, Seminar Enterprise IT, Master Computer Science, WS 2010
  • Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
    Schrader, English Seminar, Master Computer Science, WS 2010, WS 2011
  • Ambient Computing
    Schrader, Seminar Enterprise IT, Master Computer Science, SS 2011, SS 2012, SS 2013, SS 2014,
  • Media Technology
    Schrader, English Seminar Computer Science - Media Technology, Bachelor Computer Science, WS 2012


  • Indoor Lokalisation über Bluetooth
    Schrader, Bachelor Computer Science, SS 2014
  • Project Pervasive Computing
    Rothenpieler, Bachelor Computer Science, WS 2010


We are always looking for highly motivated candidates for Bachelor and Master theses. Please find here a list of open topics and running theses.

  • Börge Koordts, Movement Analysis Engine: Analyzing Movement using Depth Sensors and Labanotation, M.Sc., December 2014
  • Jannick Scherf, Outsourcing of Hardware and Software for Audio Production in the Cloud, B.Sc., November 2014
  • Henrik Bundt, Gesture control via NFC-Connection, B.Sc., October 2014
  • René Jahn, Context-aware Photo Sharing, B.Sc., October 2014
  • Simon Schmudde, Context-aware Smart Meeting System, B.Sc., October 2014
  • Kristof Stahl, Documentation Generation Tool for Motion-based Interactions, B.Sc., July 2014
  • Bengt-Ove Holländer, Smart Desk System, B.Sc., December 2013
  • Martin Bomba, Bikewars: Entwicklung einer AAL-Anwendung für die SmartAssist-Plattform., B.Sc., July 2013
  • Vicky Lund, Ambient Energy Awareness System., B.Sc., March 2013
  • Mathias Grabowski, Kontextsensitive Empfehlungssysteme auf Basis von Mediensammlungen, M.Sc., Jan. 2013
  • Daniel Burmeister, Aktivitätserkennung für Ambient Health Monitoring, M.Sc., Jan. 2013
  • Manuel Schrick, Ambient Health Feedback System für Android, B.Sc., Dec. 2012
  • Jan Gröschner, Motion-based Interaction Editor using Labanotation, B.Sc., Nov. 2012
  • Richard Stück, Context-aware Device and Access Rights Management for Smart Homes in Ambient Assisted Living, M.Sc., Nov. 2012
  • Ibrahim Awada, Long term tremor assessment using mobile devices, M.Sc., Nov. 2012
  • Andreas Maier, Datenmodellierung für die Ermittlung von Phasenmustern bei Patienten mit bipolaren affektiven Störungen, M.Sc., Sep. 2012
  • Christoph Sieb, Mobile Device Shake Compensation, M.Sc., Feb. 2012
  • Michael Kaluza, Medication Support System, M.Sc., Jan. 2012
  • Reneé Ahrens, Augmented Reality in Ambient Assisted Living, M.Sc., Dec. 2011